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“Zavjet” Winery in Crmnica Region

History of Viticulture in Crmnica

There is a saying about “Vranac” wine in Crmnica: “The earth is its mother, the grape variety — its father and the climate — its destiny”.

A French saying goes: “A day without wine is a day without sunshine”.

Wilhelm Ebel, one of many German travelers and botanists, who visited Crmnica in 1841, wrote: “This is where the world and life must have started”.

A French traveler wrote that on the banks of Lake Skadar grapevines were grown from which most delicious vine was produced. But the grapevine was giving so few grapes that the producers used to drink all the wine themselves.

During the reign of King Nikola, a vine nursery was created in the village of Sotonichi, near the Bistrica river, where numerous grape trees of “Vranac” variety were grown. Later, they were planted in many vineyards of the well-known Crmnica.

The order of King Nikola published in “The Voice of a Montenegrin” in 1890:

“Each Montenegrin warrior living in regions where grapevines grow should plant 200 grapevines this year. Those who voluntarily plant 2,000 grapevines will be for 10 years exempted from the tax imposed on grape”.

Widely Known Quality of “Vranac” Red Wine

Philip Ergovich, a certified agronomist, who was teaching agriculture and natural sciences in Cetinje, wrote in “The Voice of a Montenegrin” in 1891: People rarely hear or read about the Montenegrin wine but those who have tasted just a glass of good red Crmnica wine will never forget it. This wine is made of “Vranac” grapes. When made professionally it  resembles “Jerando” wine by its colour, taste and quality.

In 1891, M. Plamenac, a diplomatic representative in Constantinople, published in “Gorlitsa” magazine an article “Growing Grapevines in Crmnica” where, among other things, he stated that Crmnica wine was the best in Montenegro and comparable with Bordeaux wines. At the Balkan exhibition held in London in 1905, the high quality of Crmnica wine was officially acknowledged. The Commissioner of the Montenegrin exhibition and the Head of the delegation Petar Plamenac received a big gold medal — grand prix — for the highest quality of “Vranac” wine from Crmnica.

Since that time, “Vranac” wine from Crmnica has been declared the best wine in the world at many exhibitions. It is made of the fine black grapes which can get their colour and flavor in no other place but in the wide fertile plain near Lake Skadar, in close proximity to the sea where the soil and sun create a unique perfect climate required for growing grapes for the “gods’ sweet drops”. Those who have the privilege of making and drinking this wine  are the happiest people in the world.

Zavjet Winery

Zavjet Winery was inspired by the history of this region and by the tradition of the wonderful Montenegrin people. Just a few meters down from the old stone bridge over the Bistrica river a new bridge to the fertile plain of former “royal vineyards” was built.

Winemakers knew that the sun shined there for about 2,300 hours a year or 6.28 hours a day, in July — 330 hours, in August — 325 hours or 10 hours a day during the ripening period. Add the wine growers’ love to growing grapevines and you will get a high-quality premium wine which deserves to be called “Zavjet” owing to its history.

It is said that well-known Montenegrin rulers “WILLED” the vineyards to the church. This gave us the idea and mission for the name “Zavjet” (Will).  Under the will of Ivan Crnojevic  of 1484 the vineyards near the Crnojevic’s River were given to the Montenegrin monastery.

The wish of wine-makers is that people enjoy each drop produced in the virgin nature of our vineyards, in the cleanest winery and state-of-the-art cellars of “Zavjet” Winery.

“Zavjet” wine is recommended just as the famous Montenegrin healers Ilichkovichs used to recommend Crmnica wine to those who had problems with digestion, nervous, urinary and cardiovascular systems. They were studying healing properties of Crmnica wine and found out that the soil type influences its composition; that wine from a particular vineyard is more efficient for a certain type of disease than grapes grown on other soils. Therefore, Crmnica wine used to be prescribed like a “medicine”.

The contemporary medicine confirms this experience. Wine is known to contain various minerals, phosphorus, iron, potassium, calcium, glycerol, sulfur — depending on the soil. The Ilichkovichs could not conduct such analyses. Basing on the experience that was passed on from generation to generation they were making conclusions which wine from which soil to recommend for particular disease.

Our wine goes perfectly well with the local cuisine. It has great medical properties evidenced by the long history of Crmnica wines.

In good health!!!

“From here to eternity” with Crmnica wine made of “Vranac” grapes titled “Zavjet” whole name guarantees the truth. The volume of wine produced at Zavjet winery is 10 to 12 thousand liters a year, depending on the harvest and climatic conditions.

The strength of the wine ranges from 12 % to 13 % depending on the ripeness degree of the grapes and their sugar content.

“Zavjet” wine is made according to the traditional technology and on modern equipment.

“Zavjet” wine is a dry, dark-ruby colored wine with deep taste of “Vranac” grapes.

Many famous poets poetized this wine, J. J. Zmaj among them:

“When I recall, my dear soul,

your ruddy face,

I drink no other wine

but red only”.